Why only a few reach mastery

This blog will give you my top reasons why most people remain stuck in mediocrity and do not achieve any form of mastery in their life time!

For the fanatic readers here, you might already know that these blogs always share a message of becoming greater? and stronger? in whatever inclination you have. It is my mission to inspire you to become whole and strong and to thrive your life!

WHOLE: go beyond duality and think in terms of oneness with yourself and the world at large. Being whole means that you integrate every aspect of yourself into your daily life. This is an ongoing process of personal evolution which you can share with our global village the earth. We as humans are interconnected through the collective unconsciousness. Becoming whole is experiencing this concept on a visceral level so that it becomes your reality and not some sort of abstract idea.

STRONG: Be strong when life touches you with it’s flames. Life challenges are necessary to become stronger. I use the holistic approach on which levels you can experience this challenge: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toughness. All aspects needs to be touched in order to grow stronger and to embrace higher ambitions and goals in future circumstances.

THRIVING: Last but not least, you need to be capable of cultivating your passions into a sustainable form of income. This is what thriving means. Evolving organically with your talents and gifts and knowing how to share them with others so you can earn a living by loving what you do.

Now to get back on the topic WHY only a few of us reach MASTERY.

Being a master at something requires persistence, introspection, patience, courage and creativity. You need to be a well-rounded individual to access all of your potential and talents to cultivate your inner master so that you can be of value towards others. We all know the great poets, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers and athletes that have reached their pinnacle of potential and we can learn from them to discover the methods they used to find their calling and cultivate it into mastery.

Here are my top reasons why most stay stuck in mediocrity and I want to support those people in moving forward:

  • Lack of introspection : not knowing who you are leads to misguidance and alienation.
  • Lack of motivation : choosing a occupation based upon FEAR will limit your potential
  • Lack of sharing – No gift has ever been seen without sharing it. You need to stand up so that people can receive what you can offer.
  • Lack of communication – No gift has ever been unwrapped without packaging it. Make your inclination or passion interesting for other people.
  • Lack of virtue – It is your character that is always involved in creating your work. A character with a faulty virtue system is as unproductive as a car without frame work. The strength of your virtues determine the quality of your work.



These are just some ideas to think about. Self-reflect on your own life to see if you are working on these already or if you are missing out on some!

Stay strong!

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