Why specialization is lethal

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The educational systems in contemporary society often propagate the significance of specialization over generalization. So why is that? What makes a highly specialized individual more superior then one who is ‘a jack of all trades and a master of none’? What makes putting all your eggs in one basket superior then spinning multiple plates at once? Why juggle only with one ball when research shows that human intelligence can easily handle at least 7 or maybe even 9! What makes a good juggler or acrobat? and why does specialization kills…? These are all questions I will try to answer in this article, but as I am writing it, more and more questions are already bubbling up 😉 Enjoy reading and make yourself think! Take what you need and forget the rest. Wow. what a little inspirational writing can do.. To those forgotten.

The Renaissance man has always been an example during golden times of enlightenment, creativity and abundance. The Renaissance man was a master in multiple fields at once. So where are the Leonardo Da Vinci’s of our age and time where opportunities for education, information and resources are much more accessible then in the past and who do they work for? If not being in the seat of ones own soul, something else is in control.These questions really trouble my mind, since how can it be that so many people are living mediocre lives when there is a great potential for being a modern Renaissance man or woman? How can it be that we have all the technology and the ‘know-how’ to eradicate poverty and achieve sustenance, and yet seem to fail in reaching this noble feat? We live in times where there is more opportunity for leisure, creative pursuits, play, education, and, therefore, self-realization and transcending our mundane limitations. So how can it be that many people are living this so-called rat’s race against money and time. The whole idea of inventing useful tools is that we do certain activities like farming, economics, welfare, transport and/or schooling more effectively and efficient, so we can spend our energies upon other things.

Instead, people are fighting against an illusory and inflicted clock of time, that is completely against our natural biorhythms. The Gregorian calendar is only invented for a means to an end, and is not to be seen as the truth of the nature of time and reality. How foolish to think that this calendar is truly in balance with our natural clock. Then it is fascinating to realize that many are living a life in disharmony, which is completely out of there own free will and our own stubbornness to surrender to our nature.

In order to function in this kind of system, you need to specialize and learn how to fit in like a cog in a greater wheel that is rolling towards annihilation. Specialization is lethal because you will be depended and personally invested in the continuity of this machine, we call capitalism. I am simply pointing out dark sides of this system since it can greatly limit our creative potential as an individual and society as a whole. If you are bounded by what the marketplace is asking, you have to sacrifice your individuality and authentic signature to the world. If your unique talents and gifts go unrecognized in this system, you fail and go bankrupt. Creative and spiritual success is, therefore, oftentimes a capitalistic failure, hence the reason why many creative individuals live and think outside of the box, struggling to co-exist with people inside the box. I think that this one of the reasons why many are so hopelessly invested in the continuity of this system, since they simply don’t know about others ways of being alive and to live in co-existence. When you put all your eggs in one basket, you can expect great trouble when you loose it. While when you can juggle 7 balls at once, maybe one will fall, but the others will work out just fine. I think this is why many people in this world are struggling with letting go of old paradigms. By being so invested, specialized and molded into what others want from you, you will sacrifice your life until it is too late.

If you have been living a life of specialization, molding yourself into a prescribed recipe of service for the greater nation, you will be ‘doomed’ when you realize in your late forties that this is after all not what you wanted, but what others expected of you. At that point it might be too late to pursuit an authentic life in which you can express your individual creativity while simultaneously be of service to others.

So be smart, know thyself and choose your destiny.

All the best,

Kees Berg

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