Why the Lucifer experiment is doomed to fail on the long run

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The Lucifer experiment is according to my view: an attempt to consider oneself as detached from others (all that can be seen as ‘other’) and all that ex-is-t – exist. Whenever you are convinced about any sort of idea about total separation or pure individualism, then, i think, you probably will create a life of unease for yourself and others on the longer term due to the fact that most often then not, the way to get what ones want in that case can corrupt ones being on the short or long term. Even if one is constantly escaping from ones crimes, in the end it does matter for ones self-interest as well in order to check the balances so to speak depending on what kind of ‘baggage’ one is carrying around figuratively speaking.

So due to the other fact that this planet is still a ‘free zone’ planet, one can experiment with ways to deflect from what is commonly understood as regular, adult behavior, acting up in (contemporary) society. So indeed, our world is, therefore, filled with diversity and polarity, and that is the beauty of it! 

However, the individuation process in the psychology of Carl Jung among other thinkers is accompanied with a holistic integration of ones psyche without loosing the ability to remain rational and objective as well along the process of integration. Meaning in simple terms that you become a fully self-realized individual by learning to integrate aspects of self that lay either dormant or perhaps ignored, rejected etc and, therefore, distinguish yourself as an unique consciousness, namely you. See yourself as a branch of a much larger life tree. You are still just a branch of a much greater whole a.k.a. the collective consciousness. Yet you are as powerful as this ‘tree’ since it would not be complete without you.

In a sense, we, as humans operate as a single minded species by coming to consensus about something or by giving our consent for something to exist. This is the very reason why cultures are the reflection of the consciousness of their people. This is also the very reason why it is of the utmost importance to first develop yourself in this world filled with disease, war and poverty before doing anything else. You might think that monks are lazy and passive, but they are wise because they know their own condition is not perfect and therefore not eager to change the world condition.

So according to my view is the Lucifer experiment is a pure willpower and control paradigm. It operates from a place of force and oppression. Coercion, domination and manipulation are all forms of negative power and control.

This system will fail in the long term since these people or institutions are still dependent on external means. They survive on a finite source versus an infinite. I, therefore, see the Lucifer experiment as a drug addict flying on cocaine or any other drug of preference. The cocaine gives the drug addict so much delusive joy and life experience that he or she becomes an experience hunter. You will never stop smoking the stuff since it gives you so much in ‘return’. However, this is a very dangerous short term cycle of degeneration and destruction, however great the ride must be. Most challenges in the world and most of the reason for the fall of civilisations could be due addictions itself(MT).

If it does not affirm joy and peaceful evolution one can question themselves if some things have to be changed around, within oneself or maybe the setting one is acting out their lives from. So if the current condition is not the ‘best or most ideal’ order to thrive and enjoy life, one can by the use of self-observation try do change things around. Things like a hot cup of coffee, could, however, be seen as an extra plus to an already satisfying lifestyle. Personally, I do like my soft drugs and definitely not a full-time vegan, even though I am most of the time in 2022 now.

So one who is acting from his Axis Mundi (https://link.springer.com/referenceworkentry/10.1007%2F978-1-4614-6086-2_63) or centre, is a balanced and confident individual who will have the inner strength to accomplish his or her dreams and aspirations despite ones vices like addictions. Therefore, accepting a dependence upon certain things while living the base life you want is, I think, ideal and best of both worlds so to speak.

I would like that these blogs can give you more insight and perspectives in order to survive and (mostly) thrive. I don’t want to emphasise too much on the negative.

So focus upon the solutions not the problems, or if this site and your own ongoing research into the complexity of certain challenges haven’t sparked you yet, then focus more on the problems I would say as well, that would be having some more time again in your garden and coming to terms with the insane trauma of humanity, rather then shooting to Mars right away or smt. This way we can overcome our circumstances. Which is common knowledge I would say.

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