Why thinking ought to be dangerous

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Besides doing my best sharing useful articles on current world developments and trying to make some sense of it looking at it from a systems theory point of view, I also like to share stuff about the workings of the body, mind and soul. I coined this aspect of my ‘mission’ or foundation for the website ‘strength’. However, it should be seen as a holistic approach to health and well-being while honoring the analysis of the parts. Strength could then be seen as an overarching term for the development of the body, mind and soul. However, since this website is, in and of, itself, dynamic, I would like to create the space to have core values such as I have defined for SOL to be open for change at any time, so to stay relevant in the ‘ever changing landscape’ called life. Similar values have been described during ancient times, however, in the context of modern culture is the role of technology one to be considered in what way such universal values will be expressed.

Especially during these times of transition in which there is not just change, but an actual transition in which the ‘landscape’ for many socioeconomic and political systems are bound to change, the systems we identify with on a daily base, will probably also change because of it. Calling it a landscape is a term from systems theory, implying that a system just like an organism is evolutionary bounded to co-evolve with the conditions of its surroundings. Therefore, as the landscape around us is changing due to compounding effects of the current and probably coming crisis’s, the systems that inhabit these landscapes will change to seek a new ‘fit’. This search for a new fit with a changing paradigm starts with a quest of daunting thoughts if you ask me rather then mere reasoning the situation as grim.

Therefore, thinking ought to be dangerous in the sense that it is the first stage to execute our wildest dreams. In pure thought there are no boundaries and all possibilities can exist within the mind itself already. Unbounded potential starts within the mind and cannot be limited by biases, ethics or other means of fragmentation. Pure thought is limitless in its scope of possibility and danger is, therefore, included. To come up with new paradigms, new ideas and visions to challenge the issues of a new world, there has to be ‘danger’ involved in thinking. One cannot think the best and brightest thoughts without reconciling with all the monstrous ideas that also exist in the human psyche.

So in building a new world there has to be a sense of daring to think dangerously, to think the unthinkable, to go beyond fixed biases, norms and values and completely reinvent. Due to the fact that during times of real transition and paradigm shift, there is no speaking of innovating current systems, but of inventing completely new foundations, new philosophies by which to propel societies forward into a new energy or mode of living. And this is what makes it ‘dangerous’, especially for those having to deal with more fear of losing the relative safety and stability contemporary society is offering to some.

Those that have trust or put their faith of safety into other means of fulfilling that need, like achieving great health and well being for example or eradicating psychological fears, learning to master the mind. This is also a way to fulfill the need for safety, or building your own house. However, those who are heavily invested in the status quo will likely be afraid of people who think dangerously so to speak, and challenge the status quo. So this generates a push and pull effect between groups of people in society depending on how they fulfill this inherent need of safety and how they deal with fear.

I am just a blog writer, but in all honesty, I think what we need most during such times are those individuals that dare to think dangerously, dare to think independently, reflect on their biases, fixed mental models and seek more freedom of thought through the processes of mediation, concentration and other tools and experiences I try to share on my website.

For what is a personal journey for me in dealing with my own set of biases, mind twitsches and what not, I think, we can only grow stronger in this regard by continuing to communicate and reorganize ourselves, even if society is ‘locked down’.

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