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Now that you hopefully know what your legacy will be and how you want to be remembered when you lay horizontal, it’s time to get organized. Putting out your intention is the first step, walking efficient on the creative journey is the next. Time is a convenient illusion made up by the mind, that allows us to manage our lives better. Our Gregorian calendar creates the illusion of time so that we can create plans and all that good stuff.

Now that you know that time is simply an ideology that helps us to function in society, can you use it with more wisdom. Just like knowing that language is often times a rudiment from the real abstract meaning. This can help you in detaching yourself from the daily turmoil that time creates. Our biological rhythms are not in alignment with our current beliefs of what time is. We force ourselves to go against our nature in order to please our agenda’s. I will shortly describe our daily bio rhythms below. Keep in mind that we also have seasonal biorhythms that have influence on our energy directions (living with the seasons), but I will not go into that right now. Going against the flow of nature is in terms of time management ineffective.

  • Satva – This usually occurs in the morning when natural light is waking you up. This light causes you to feel creative and you normally think about what you will do today. I recommend to wake up and do some form of body meditation like yoga or guided meditation. This will undo the stiffness while you were asleep and it will help you in setting your intentions for today.
  • Rajas – This usually occurs when the sun is at it highest. It means that you are at your ‘peak’ of being productive. Rajas represents your Yang activities like working out or being awesome at your job. Make sure you organize your most intense activities during this cycle.
  • Tamas – This usually occurs in the evening when you have spend all of your vital resources. This is the time where you need to nourish yourself and relax your being to go smoothly into the night.

In my observation people normally screw up the Rajas part. We have an imbalance in wanting to be more Rajas then Tamas. We want to be more Yang then Yin. This, I think, can cause insomnia and low vital resources on the long term. So people who think that they are better then others because they are always Yang, will be good friends with the pain teacher. Those people are usually less productive on the long term and the fruits of their labor shows impatience and lack of quality.

Now that you now these daily biorhythms, you can ask yourself when you experience them personally. We are all different, but we are all under influence of these greater natural cycles. You can align yourself more with your rhythms by food choices, breathing exercises, working out, light manipulation, thought creation et cetera. Good luck if you want to go against the flow of your inner river, I prefer the path of least resistance as much as I can.

Finally I can come to something more concrete. The above is all very important in order to be efficient in your time management. Now I will take you through some useful and effective symbols that can help you in prioritizing your activities on urgency and importance. Urgent meaning that if you do not do it right now, there will be probably be consequences. Importance meaning that it adds to your goals and higher visions.

  • A: urgent and important
  • B: only important
  • C: only urgent
  • D: non of both

The idea is that you decide what is urgent and important for you! Having more A and B then C and D is the goal. To much C and you are in a panic attack, too much D means that you are stagnating (why not if the plateau has nice scenery?). You can use this framework in your personal life. Spending time with your children can be urgent AND important, because otherwise you won’t be a good daddy (consequence) and spending time with your children can help you in relaxing your mind and that can add to your higher goal as well. Just make sure that relaxing your mind can then be organized in the evening when your natural cycle is Tamas (Yin).

That’s what we call a win-win folks, and that’s where it’s all about in living a prolific life.

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