Why you are living below your potential

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You might call me a hippie after reading this post, but we can learn a great deal by using nature as a metaphor for our own evolution. When I practice non-activity (doing absolutely as little as possible), you quickly find yourself looking at a tree for hours and hours straight. I was watching at a beautiful tree from my hotel room in Shanghai during last Christmas. The absurd truth is that your mind gets so focused that you will see the most amazing truths in something as simple as a tree…. So before getting too off the grid here, I want to give you a quick visual on what I am aiming at.

The tree of life

This drawing is off course not fully complete, but can give you enough insight to make more constructive choices in your life. We underestimate our own powers too often. I don’t agree that individuals are made to remain mediocre. Neglecting the potential of growth is a limiting belief that can cause stagnation of human potential. Quantum physics has already proven that we can only experience around 5% of our ”reality”. So imagine the vastness of potential that lay dormant in our being and world. In this picture I share my top four limiting reasons for stagnation:

  • FEAR: Acting from fear can isolate your will for adventure or stepping into the unknown.
  • EXTERNAL IMPRINTS: Authorities that have made you belief you are worthless.
  • LACK OF WILL: Not willing enough to make a change in your life.
  • BELIEF SYSTEMS: Why are poor countries poor? Because religions or others made them belief that live is about resolving karma and following certain rules and guidelines. In a sense this can be helpful too, but often times truths are turned into a doctrine of control, which then

The methods for growth I share here can be used as gateways for accessing the potential in our sub-consciousness. Our character or functional ego acts as some sort of bridge between the subtle energies of the sub-consciousness and our tangible reality. School systems have forgotten the necessity of ”going within”. Off course, you can learn a craft or a skill at your institution in broken pathways, but very often they don’t have the mentors to help you in discovering your talent and potential. This is something I really want to see different.

The fruits of our labour manifest itself in the ”7 layers of growth” I have talked about before. This is a categorisation of what I believe is where you can develop and nurture yourself. It is a holistic approach and there are many ways to train and meditate your mind and body. The methods I share are some examples I use.

For some people this article might go beyond their current level of understanding or would like to add to it, since this site will always be a co-creation. This is just my discovery so far and I encourage you to have an open mind for such things. ”What you can perceive, you can achieve” and staying too close-minded and cognitive dissonant, not even being able to dream a different, more ideal world is then the first step. Meaning that if one does not allow a higher perspective to be valid through resisting it firsthand rather then being critical in it what worth it can bring as well, it will never be tested on its potential. Herein lays the need for having people or communities who can experiment with postmodern alternatives. Alternatives like ecovillages as grassroots initiatives for example can have a practical educational role in showing ways to transcend the nature-culture dichotomy and, in so doing, invent new ways to ensure a permanent culture also known as the philosophy of permaculture, which I want to learn and share more about on this site.  Ecovillages are radical different and are one of these examples that are marked with pioneering, and, therefore, the need to see if such So there is a lack of validation of such an ‘unknown’ world. This is where, oftentimes, the ‘hero’ gets called on their journey for exploration. So being cognitive dissonant all the time can really be a limiting factor for your evolution just as much as being on the opposite side of this equation.

In this video I help you in understanding the information better: ‘Deleted channel’

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