Why your body is your temple

I don’t wanna sound like a broken record, but it is very important to highlight the importance of the MIND-BODY connection. Our mind is the consciousness transmitter of our subconsciousness signals. The subconsciousness signals lays dormant in most people their bodies. This is because we tend to loose ourselves in our daily stressors. Becoming entangled with them will diminish our ability to connect with our bodies. You literately become captivated by the demands society and you our putting upon yourself.

Here an extra video to give you some more information about finding inner peace in your body:


All this distraction and buzz in this age of information and internet can lead to confusion and misguidance. Just try to sit still for one hour with a calm and steady breath and see for yourself if you are capable of performing such feat. During this practice you can tap into the subtle intelligence of your body by clear intention and moment to moment concentration. By listening closely you can make better decisions with your MIND based upon the information your BODY has given you. This may sound very strange and abstract to comprehend. That’s why you need to stop reading about any form of meditation or exercise that can help you in becoming connected again, and start experiencing it. These blogs are purely for inspiration, it will not give you the results you seek for. You need to create your own results based upon the knowledge I share.

Cultivating this during your daily activities may sound harder then it is. You can always stay focused and aware on your body and how it reacts to certain choices and experiences during your day. This is why the saying goes that your body is your temple. It is a sacred place to go to when you are in doubt about your life. You do not need guru’s or mentors to help you guide your life. You only need to learn from them how to guide your own life. They can show you the way by giving you methods and practical ways of HELPING YOURSELF. It never should be the intention to become dependent on such people for guidance and advice. On the long term you need to take responsibility of your own ‘hero’s journey’ or spiritual adventure.

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