Dreams are your spiritual extricates for optimal living. It is bigger then every desire you can have. It goes beyond ones daily needs for food and shelter. The intensity of your motivation should be so high that all your nerves vibrate by only thinking about it. It could give one a higher sense of meaning and purpose if one is willing to fight for having a dream to begin with. Having a dream is enough to move you towards the right direction since it propels one exploring that which is dreamt and see how it unfolds. It is your golden ball you played with when you were little. Your dream is such an unique thing you can have, that most people do not want you to have it. They grow jealous if they see you playing with what they have lost. They plant seeds in your subconscious mind that will make you forget your divinity. Nothing is forgotten until it is chosen to be. The power of remembrance lays within you choosing on a conscious level to dive into the mysteries of your sol. Deep within lays the golden ball you used to play with. Once connected you see the importance of being the inspiration for others to see. You want everybody to see how you are singing your song. Playing with your ball like never before. You thrive on singing as loud as you can, so that you shed light on other men’s misery. You show empathy for them because they are in the same agony as you were before. You want to throw them a shoulder to cry on, a moment of peace of which they can rely on. Encourage them to become their own masters is why I live my day.

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