Working through the layers of your ‘granite self’

Dear reader,

“The struggle of personal identity is as big as chipping away mount Rushmore”

Every layer of dust is a new face, a new being, a new reality. As long as we are faced, we are identified, and, therefore, bounded to our personalities. It is when the chipping away has reached a laser point of concentration and meditation, that one can gravitate towards our median, center most being, our essence (essence as in described by the MT). The art of life could then be seen as some sort of tango with yourself. Therefore there is a life experienced as a personality with ‘day to day’ consciousness so to speak and an essence or core-being that simply observes through the personality (personality meant in a way that it includes the body, brain and mind fully as an vehicle for exploration)  are just its instruments for observation. So then by elevating from down till top, inhale and exhale and rising and setting, one can gain clarity in finding a middle path. A path that can only be found, when it has been lost as well. A more joyful and pleasurable way must be there, layered in strokes of dust. We can only know truth, by knowing what is illusion. We can only be thyself, by knowing what we are not.

By pursuing the process of photographing the false personality (MT), we can enable ourselves to discern false from truth and learn how to make more refined choices in how to be, and, therefore, initiating inner transformations. Those who are ‘lost’ so to speak, can be a little mechanical throughout the day, always spinning the same tune and, therefore, perhaps less viable to put themselves in a position where self-reflection and calm awareness can come in to initiate healing. Working through the layers of your ‘granite self'(MT) is like crafting a sculpture, we need raw untouched material, and craft it into perfection. Life is an art because of this. A craft that can be practiced and improved upon so we may enjoy more joy, love and fulfillment in our lives.

Enjoy your craft!


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