Workout, table and atlas stones

What’s up reader,

Thanks for stopping by, cause it gives me an outlet and hopefully something valuable to bring over;)

I like to immerse myself in many different interests. Some might say that it is impossible to become good at anything if you are wide-spread… It depends, like anything, on the situation you are in. If you are in great need for results, money or whatever, then you need to devote all your focus to the desired outcome. However, I highly value pursuing liberal education and skill building whatever the outcome might be. By simply being and doing your best in every interest you have, you will create enough results in the long run, or at least that goes with a leap of faith as well. It is a focus on simply improving yourself, personally and professionally, instead of focusing upon the desired outcome. While at the same time knowing that one is already good enough as well and learning to have self-acceptance and self-love during the ride of obstacles so to speak. You enjoy the journey and you are present in the activities you do. You being present and aware accelerates the learning cycle as well, so it goes together.

DSC00385DSC00384  DSC00383

(Great table he….) Basically, I just do the things I am passionate about. Remix all the different passions into something completely new and interesting is the beauty of being a seemingly chaotic or creative person. You can name it synthetic creativity, because you blend it all together to build something new. A new craft, a new field or whatever.

It requires a level of trust and flow. If you loose sight or focus you cannot keep the overview. Write down all the stuff you really want to do, and use that as your structure and place to come back too. Creativity thrives on rigid structure and routine. Without it, our energy isn’t focused and orientated.

In order to build your creative world you need some rigid fundamentals. Any sort of body work is ideal, since it grounds you to the earth or just your own centre. Many great people saw the potential of exercise or simply walking as a way to maximise their creative pursuits.



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