Your body is the first thing to master

You have to see your body as a piece of instrument. Whatever orchestra you want to play in your life, your body is its director. We tend to forget that our autonomic nerves system is responsible for our survival and maybe even our direction in life. This system is helping us grow without we having to think about it. It is digesting our foods, beating our hearts and creating babies out of nowhere.

Social conditioning often times puts a lot of pressure on you by asking the question: who will you become? The truth is that you simply cannot know this without mastering and tapping into the intelligence of your body/intuitive intelligence. Getting to know this subtle part of you requires certain disciplines like exercise, deep breathing and yoga.

These are the very first steps one must consider before he asserts himself in our societal box. Without it, one can stayed trapped in a false personality disorder that can limit the person in expressing his fullest potential. We can label these people as drones… Completely alienated from their nature and captivated by their minds. They are deluding themselves by false believe systems and close mindedness. Nowadays, technology is giving us the change to share your deepest passions with the world at large. In this way we can not only live freely in our occupations, but can also earn a living doing just that. We need a societal box in order to thrive as a collective, but we are currently much less depended on traditional ways of going about life.

Quick video footage on this concept:

When you learn people how to master their body, they will find much more ease in finding their inclinations towards life and to find their personal success.

I really encourage you to think about this opportunity. If you can find a way to share your passions and deepest desires to an audience, you are more then allowed to ask some value in return. Finding an audience has never been that easy!!

Stay strong

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