We often take things for granted when they have been their all along helping us in the challenges of being alive. It could be a golden chain lock of our parents or spouse, in that we are so spoiled of their goodness, that we feel victimized, mad and angry when it disappears. The same goes for our bodies, and the well-being it has given us. It can be said that the body is the ultimate slave in this universe. It digests our food, makes babies, breaths and helps us out in a multitude of ways we are often not even aware of to begin with. Since it is so automatic, we think of it as normal and everlasting, while the opposite is true. The feats of achievement the body is doing on a daily base is truly beyond comprehension and, therefore, deserves our utmost respect or at least some appreciation and good care. If the body is the machine or slave and the intellect the driver or machinist, we need to take the responsibility to nurture our best companion in this quest of life.

The idea that the body as slave should always listen to our willpower and demand is delusional and dangerous. Just like a friend, we need to take and give in order to have a harmonious relationship. You cannot just expect to have friends or people that love you when you don’t have a certain kind of decency towards them or something to bring at the table. When the body gets ill or when you experience dis-ease, this is simply a trigger or a sign that something in the relationship is out of balance. The beauty of an animal or the body is that it never lies. You can experience this yourself by learning how to read body language in others and read your own body language. By learning how to decode the signs, you learn how to respond appropriately in order to remain in harmony or well-being with your body. When you fuel your body shit food, you cannot expect to have a quality output, all though, again, the beauty and flexibility of the body is that it will do its utmost best to nourish you even when you give it shit. However, be wary, because all though the body can be seen as the most loyal slave, it will collapse eventually if you treat it like shit.

So by simply changing a paradigm shift, we can establish a mutual and healthy relationship with our bodies. By not seeing it as simply a loyal slave, but by appreciating it as our most loyal, honest, trustworthy and valuable friend along this quest of life, we can foresee great things too happen in terms of vitality, well-being, strength, flexibility, immunity and athleticism.

Your body is your buddy



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