Your ‘life house’ and ‘how’ to ‘build’ or better said unfold ones life.

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One can say that we have a level of freedom in our lives. That we have a ‘domain’ our ‘ground’ were one can attain a sense of ownership through taking the ability to respond. In that regard each individual that is using their agency in executing more free will through taking care of ones living and sleeping environment owns their right to live, breath and create a life of their own. This universal in which individuals seek to build or have a life of their own is even seen in cultures like China by which the founding ancients were much like Celt communities with a more democratic decision making process (Henk Schulte – China en de barbaren)

So by executing this universal possibility for agency among individuals and groups there exists a potential, a level of influence and, therefore, power within each one. So the following is just a model or a potential way of looking at seeing oneself or a group as an entity by which certain life factors can serve as stable focus areas to live and die by or renew the model or whole paradigm. So the model is formed by the inspiration from Lean Kaizen which teaches organisations, mostly on a structural level, how to be more effective and efficient. However, in this model I also wanna touch upon certain differences in paradigms and perhaps making those that aren’t serving the people or agents using them anymore obsolete. Considering the trajectory of postmodern capitalism, which is hard to outline cause one can only think in probabilities due to the complexity of it. However, the arguments for degrowth, green growth, decoupling etc can be made. So the likely situation is that socioeconomic systems will greatly shift around. Despite these uncertainties, I wanted to do my best to provide some sort of model, even though a model is just a perspective to understand things better. This model is, therefore, created in a way that it could ‘fit’ within that sort of a ‘landscape’ for socioeconomic systems. However, it does not have to be like that, the same theory can be applied in settlements like Ubuntu which requires individuals to contribute and explore their individuals ways in doing so. So just like any other house, there are certain underlying principles/foundations and guidelines one can use as a ‘life thread’ so to speak in experiencing some form of stability within oneself without needing the comforts of (post)modern societies perse in order to execute or unfold their ‘life plan’ – MT. Thereby saying, use it as a tool, not in an end of thyself, meaning that being completely ‘developed’ or ‘educated’ is a comfortable lie to tell oneself in the face of ones owns cycling off. Imagine other worlds, other realms to explore and learn. Perhaps way more difficult and complex then the School Of Life itself.

In the feat. image of this article I have created an overlap of what I think are the foundations and building blocks that can represent ones house. I use this metaphor to help you in getting an overview and perhaps it will spark common ground in your own life experience somehow.

Housing of your life

This diagram is not meant to be a one way ticket to mastery or ‘road to success’, whatever that might look like for you. It is what I believe is useful in contemporary society. We have a lot of technology and possibilities to move in a creative way in order to develop ourselves. This is the time to become active and motivated to make good use of all our inventive endeavours.

I explained the model RIGHT HERE: however, I do not maintain a youtube channel any longer.

So if there are questions or more practical oriented wishes then I can do my best to explain certain things.



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