Your present state counts

It is a difficult thing to change your present state of character into one that serves you better. We experience this inner game of simply to be and wanting to become someone else. This friction between who you want to become and who you already are can cause psychological turmoil. Striving in improving your character is a good thing to do when you seek personal evolution. Life gives us enough challenges in which we can evolve, but there is however a difference between peaceful evolution and chaotic evolution. Peaceful evolution occurs when you have made peace with your present state and your life situation. Accepting yourself fully in every moment will relax your nerves and lower your stress levels. You need to have a certain level of self-love first if you want to evolve with a peaceful rhythm.

In my observation people make it themselves so difficult by not embracing every aspect of their being. They move themselves in difficult corners out of faulty thought patterns, emotions and behaviors. Embracing those faulty patterns will make you aware of them and, therefore, capable of healing yourself. This is important because your future is an accumulation of your present aliveness. The future in and of itself is dead and created by your mind. Making choices based on those faulty patterns will be greatly responsible for how you are creating your reality. Knowing this will help you in empowering yourself in every moment of being alive. Every moment in your life is an opportunity for positive change.

We tend to lose our balance when problems knock on our doors. Remembering yourself that you might have created these problems on your own, can help you in changing your inner game. When you finally created a solid inner game on which you can rely on, your outer game will reflect that upon you.


Author: Kees Berg

I'm a practitioner of holistic healing, a student of social-economical systems and like to move around throughout the day to write during the night. Currently living in the beautiful city Breda. Hit me up on the street or come by for a visit at my place if you dare or find some other way, or just telepathically, depends on the circumstances. It is pretty hectic these strays. Can enjoy adventurous travels or just some couch hanging obviously with a nice snack, refer to exchange list.

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